Niger State Debt Management Bureau
Our vision is to be a Public Debt Management Institution of global reference.

Our Mission is to meet the Government’s financing needs in a prudent manner that supports economic development, while proactively managing the risks associated with the public debt.

Functions Of The Bureau

  • Maintain a reliable database of all instruments issued, loans taken or Guarantees issued by the State Government, any Public body, enterprise or any Local Government Council;
  • Prepare and submit to the Commissioner of Finance a forecast of loans service obligation for consideration in each financial year;
  • Prepare a schedule of all others State and Local Government obligation such as outstanding procurement Debts, trade Debts, Pension Liabilities, Loans from the Federal Government and other contingent liabilities, both explicit and implicit;
  • Verify, reconcile, and service domestic debt guaranteed or directly taken by the State or Local Government with the Accountant General of the State;
  • Liaise with Ministry of Finance and others relevant MDAs to use historical data to develop and forecast Government Financing needs and establish a financing gap annually;
  • Establish and maintain mutual relationship with the Debt Management Office (DMO), relevant State and Federal Government institutions, creditors, development partners and institutional investors in Government debts and others;
  • Prepare and implement a plan for the efficient management of the State External and Domestic Debt obligation at sustainable levels compatible with desired economic activities for growth and development, and participate in negotiation aimed at realizing those objectives;
  • Assist the Commissioner for Finance in all engagements, negotiation and preparation of Domestic and External debt/borrowing, on-lending or Grants arrangement with relevant federal Government institutions, international credit institutions, bilateral or multilateral institutions, and development institution amongst others;
  • Verify, reconcile and report on external debt taken, serviced, Guaranteed or directly taken by the State or Local Government with the Debt Management office;
  • Advised the State Government on the re- structuring and re- financing of all debt obligation;
  • Establish and if established manage sinking funds and the Consolidated debt service funds;
Powers Of The Bureau
  • Issue and manage State and Local Government Loans in accordance with the provision of this Law and guidelines issued pursuant to it;
  • Subject to the approval of the Committee, periodically issue guidelines for borrowing, management of any debt, bond or securities issuance programme of the State Government;
  • Subject to the approval of the Committee, obtain on lending financial facilities and approvals from the Minister for Finance on behalf of the State and Local Government;
  • Subject to rates, if any approved by the Committee, charge for its services
  • Manage the Consolidated Debt Service Account establish under the Law;
  • Issue consent to borrow to the State Public bodies or Local Government Council desirous of borrowing in compliance with relevant Laws guidelines;
  • Carry out such function as may be approved by the committee towards attaining the objectives of the Laws;
  • Invest in accordance with guidelines approval by the Committee pursuant to this Law any sum in the Consolidated Debt Service Account not immediately required for debt service; and